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NI Modular Instruments Common Development/Runtime 16.0 for .NET Framework 4.0/4.5

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How can I tell which installer/driver package added this library in NIPM?


If that is not possible, is there a way to install these packages to a system specifically?



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Accepted by Mitch_Nelson

Mitch, do you know the underlying package(s) that you are referencing? In NIPM, you can hover the mouse over the display name and it will show you the package name in a tooltip. 


The fact that it is 16.0, suggests that the packages are from 2016 which almost predates NIPM. Looking at a 17.0 version of this package: ni-mi-common-fx45-17.0.0-runtime, I can at least query something internally here to see that it was referenced by the following products:

InstrumentStudio 2018
InstrumentStudio 2018 SP1
InstrumentStudio 18.5 (2018 SP2)
InstrumentStudio 18.1.1
NI-DCPower 19.0
NI-DMM 19.0
InstrumentStudio 18.5.1
NI-FGEN 19.0


The above might give you some idea of where the reference might be coming from.


Scott Richardson
National Instruments
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Accepted by Mitch_Nelson

I was able to find that it was installed with some NI-DCPower drivers. Similarly, I looked at what packages depended on it during the unistall process, and searched through the saved installers to find the right one.



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Your idea to uninstall and look at what was reported was smart, had not thought of that. Glad you are moving forward.

Scott Richardson
National Instruments
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