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NI Package Manager Installer has stopped working (Windows 7)

Trying to install DAQmx 19.1 on a Windows 7 32-bit computer. The first thing the installer tries to do is install NI Package Manager 20.6. Immediately, the Package Manager installer crashes, with Windows saying "NI Package Manager Installer has stopped working." As a result, I can't install DAQmx.


I read that Package Manager stopped supporting Windows 7 in 2021, though I am not sure if that is causing this issue. Moreover, I can't find a way to download an older version of Package Manager. 


Any help? Thank you!


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Does anyone have any insight into this issue?

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Try this:

  • Install NI Packager Manager (NIPM) 20.6, which is the newest version that supports Windows 7 and 32-bit. Do that by:
    • Going to here
    • Clicking "Install Offline" button on right
    • Finding 20.6, then downloading and installing it.
  • Then, try to run the DAQmx 19.1 installer again.

The idea is that this will update the NIPM engine on your system to the latest, which is what the DAQmx 19.1 installer will then use.

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Thanks for your response. Our client PC is in China and will be off until after Chinese New Year in February. Once it's back online, I will try your suggestion and let you know what happens. 

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