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how to change wireless mode for myRIO

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iam using MyRIO 1900 that have WIFI , i have problem with the WIFI


when i connect myrio through usb i can not change any thing on it, in wireless adapter wlan0 the wireless mode always disable i dont have any option ti change it  why ?

how to enable the wifi ?
so i can change the mode of it

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First and foremost, welcome!


Next in order of importance is that this sort of issue is likely best served on the official NI support forums, not the community forums (, the RT subsection under LabVIEW).


Next, what version of LVRT and RIO are you using with your myRIO 1900?


Finally, what software interaction/installation/shell interaction (e.g. through MAX, ssh, or the serial console) have you done with the target?

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Thank you for your response

I am using vesion 15.0, with NI-MAX

I hope that will help

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Well, I don't know what to tell you other than "works for me". Try formatting your target and trying again.


From a 2015 stack:




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i already format it but nothing change
as you can see in the pic i don't even have any chance to change the option


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even if i try to change the country it gave me error Capture.PNG

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Enable either the ssh shell or serial console, log into the target, post the results of running the command ip link show

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where i have to enter that command ?

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Please see: How Do I Access the Shell on a NI Linux Real-Time OS Device?, and run the command from the myRIO's shell.

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here is the result , so what i have to do after that ?Capture.PNG

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