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crontab on realtime linux

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I have to periodically check that a drive is mounted. I do it at startup and it work fine adding mountnfs and fstab in rc2-3-4, etc. BUT if the network drive die or reboot, I lost it and it never work again.

Doing "mount -a" in the command shell remount properly.

I would like to periodically do this command with crontab or other but I can't get cronie to work. When editing "crontab -e" and adding the command, it says "segmentaiton fault"

I would like to add "mount -a" every hour.


Let me know if you can help!

Thank you


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Hi paubine,


The issue you're running into is cronie taking too much stack and being killed off.


You can either raise the stack limit for the currently-running shell (and all children of the shell) by using ulimit -s unlimited and rerunning crontab -e


directly edit the crontab file (/etc/cron* files, currently the logrotate crontab file exists at /etc/cron.d/logrotate)

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Thank you.

That worked, "crontab -e" created a file in /var/spool/cron/ called admin


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