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USB-C monitor adapter compatible with cRIO-9045 (display port over USB-C)

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Hi all!

I've been trying without success to make a 2 independent monitor setup work with our cRIO-9045 for a special project we are developing.

We need to have an extended display configuration on the cRIO over the USB-C port but so far we have only managed to make it work on mirror mode.

The custom linux distro NI uses on its embedded systems certainly doesn't make it easier for us to make the adapters we've bought so far work.

We tried these adapters ([1] and [2]) and even managed to install its driver through a very painful process messing with its makefile! But the cRIO, even though it is able to recognize that there's a second monitor on HDMI-1 (listed on xrandr just below DP-1), fails to provide a different image, and still mirrors it. The "Display" configuration still lists only one monitor

We are now targeting this Dell's D6000 USB-C dock station [3] but since we haven't even managed to install its Displaylink driver (which is readly available only for Ubuntu), we will not be wasting any more money until we find someone that had done it before in an effort to learn what they made differently.

I know that this a really open question but have anybody made such a setup work over USB-C on cRIO? If so, would you care to share with us how?





We know that there are some monitors out there that provide in addition of a "DP in" also a "DP out" connector so you can daisy-chain them, but they cost just shy of USD 2k here in Brazil, so they are not really an option for us...









João Machado, CLD
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Were you able to resolve this?
I have a similar requirement using NI cRIO

Furthermore I need both monitors to have touch screen functionality

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Not yet.

We bought the Dell's D6000 but it only arrived today.

I'm going to try to make it work and if I manage to do so, I'll update this thread.

João Machado, CLD
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Accepted by topic author jmachado

Just to bring this to a closure,


We abandoned the idea of using cRIO's embedded UI and went with the traditional "host-target" architecture using a LattePanda as our host.

João Machado, CLD
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Hey together, 


I have to reopend this thread due to the same problem. I'm planning to use a cRIO 9045 to control some signals. Regarding the manual, one of the USB Typ-C ports has an integrated Thunderbolt 1.2 function. 

Is it possible to connect multiple displays to this port either directly to 2-3 displays using a Typ-C cable or an adapter Typ-C to Thunderbold 1.2 and than daisy chain multiple displays via Thunderbold 1.2 cables? Is the graphic card of these cRIOs strong enought?

Thanks for your feedback. 


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