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NI Linux Real-Time OS ssh public key access

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I'm brand new to NI and this community forum, so I apologize in advance for breaking forum "protocol" and hope this is the right place to ask this question.


I'm no stranger to the Linux operating system, but this is the first time I've used the "NI Linux Real-Time OS". I currently have a hard drive connected to my cRIO which is found under "/media/sda1/". There I have a folder called "data_exchange", which I'm trying to "scp" a file from my Windows machine on the same network. On my Windows machine, I issue the following command


scp test.txt admin@


It then asks me for the "admin" password. This is fine and if I provide it, it copies the file as expected. I want to be able to do this without having to issue the password.


On the cRIO, I created an RSA public key using "ssh-keygen" and the files are stored under "/home/admin/.ssh" as expected. When I was prompted for a password, I left it blank, so I could ssh/scp without the need of providing a password.


On my Windows machine, I copied the public key from the cRIO to "C:\Users\chorizo\.ssh\authorized_keys".


This should be enough to allow me to ssh/scp in without having to provide a password. However, when I try to ssh/scp, it always asks me "Log in with your NI-Auth credentials.". Can someone help me identify what I'm missing? Why does it continue to ask me for a password?



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You should be creating the ssh key on the windows machine.


then use the ssh-copy-id command from Windows to install the key on the linux machine.


You just got it backwards.

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