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NI EtherCAT driver (niecati210k)

Hi, (sorry I also posted in Industrial Communication, but I can have more help here)


Still in the process to find alternatives to the discontinued Industrial Controllers ...


I try to install the ni-ethercat-driver-dkms on a custom NILRT (distribution, github) with a hardware that have intel i211 chipset. When I change the ethernet adaptor mode to "EtherCAT" in NI MAX, the ethernet adapter disappear from Linux and NI MAX. I think it's when it try to load the niecat210k driver (init.d/iecatdriver)


Does this NI driver only compatible with Intel I210 chipset? Lots of little new mini PC come with I211 chipset.


Anyone able modify the niecati210.c to accept other ethernet device like the i211 ? 


Thank you.


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In order to be sure the problem si in the chip support, you could install a compatible card, ( Intel PRO 100, Intel PRO1000..).


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The only card I've tried is an Intel with a I210 chipset and it worked perfectly using a desktop and the nilrt image.

I didn't tried a Intel PRO 100 or PRO1000. You think that its is compatible ni ethercat driver? 

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Is the specific model of the i210 network card you are using i210at? Or i210it?




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Hello, I am not very familiar with the linux driver, I would like to ask, how does your program set the i210 network card as the EtherCat network port? Could you please write down the specific steps? I want to implement this process, hope you can reply me




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When I read your message I interpreted that you had no way to get ethercat to work.


I have only used Intel Pro100 and Intel Pro1000GT with Pharlap in RT Desktop PC, but as the chipsets are the same as NI pxi cards, I assume they will be supported in NI Linux. NI  PXI8231 uses the ethernet controller Intel 82541PI, and this is also used by the NIC Intel Pro 1000 GT.

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The card that worked was a I210AT

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It could work with I210AT Card.


I will try to find an  Intel Pro100 or Intel Pro 1000GT chipset card. Thanks for the information.

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Thanks for your help, I have some ideas.




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I understand, my miniPC is also i210AT, I have been using i210IT before, I will try to change the i210AT into an ethercat network card, thank you very much.

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