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NI VeriStand Custom Device Project Wizard Feedback

OK, I think I fixed my conflict issue.

I have another question:


After the project is created from the wizard, do we still have to run the tool located here?:

How does that tool work with the wizard output?

Since in the final wizard project under the Engine virtual folder, there are empty folders for Init, Run and Shut Down.

Michael Aivaliotis
VI Shots LLC
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I am facing the same problem while opening a custom device project created by my friend. The custom device template was created in in LV 2015. I have installed LV 2015 SP1 and custom device template from VIPM in my PC. Option to create NI Veristand custom device is available, but it is abruptly closing/stopping without giving any error message instead of launching custom device project creation wizard. I am not able to view NI veristand addon in labview either.


I have LV 2015 SP1, veristand 2016 and veristand custom device template package for LV 2015 from VIPM.


Please advice 


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