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cRIO with USB memory stick



I am using a cRIO with a USB memory stick attacked. It is used for circular storage of most recent data files.

Target: cRIO-9048 with Linux.


I have observed that when dismounting and re-mounting the USB-stick, my LabVIEW application can no longer access the USB-stick: I get a "Generic file I/O error" code 6 when attempting to create a new file, also when letting the application run for a long time, retrying to create a file peridically. The error persist also when restarting the application (not reboot).


Thus, it appears that the USB memory is not hot-swapable (despite it is stated in documentation to be hot-swapable)


After a reboot, the application can access the USB memory again.


Is this expected behaviour of the cRIO?   (from the documentation i would understand the answer to be "NO")

Is there any method to trigger a "re-mapping" of the USB-memory device at run-time?



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