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analog output range in matlab data acquisition toolbox

Dear all,
Recently I started programming in the Matlab Data Acquisition Toolbox
to generate output and read in a signal response with a (NI) National
Instruments 4451 PCI card. Generation and acquisition are both
analog signals.
However the output range of the ni card can be +- 10 V, +-1 V and +-
0,1 V (as cited in the card's manual and tested with LabView), only
the first option is available as OutputRange in Matlab. Is there a
way to make the +-0,1 V range available in a Matlab application,
since the data I generate is in the mV range?
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Hello Yvonius,
I noticed that you also posted this question on a specific Matlab forum, which is indeed a better location for this. The Matlab Data Acquisitioning Toolbox is not a product of NI and we do not know every detail about the limits of that specific package.
We can off course provide you with almost every detail you wish to know about the PCI 4451. How to address the card and make use of its full potential from Matlab is a question that the engineers at Mathworks are, without doubt, able to help you with.
National Instruments
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