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Integrating LabVIEW with Sound Card

Hi, I'm using NI USB-6008 for my control project. Basically I need to capture a voice signal from microphone, control the response using LabVIEW, and feed the output to speaker (actuator) through the USB-6008 analog output channel. I have problem that the update rate of this output is not fast enough (max. 150 Hz) for my application. I'm thinking of using the PC sound card as the output channel since it has much higher rate. I'm wondering if I can control or drive my sound card using LabVIEW? Thank you.
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Yes. Open the example finder and do a search for sound. The functions are on the Graphics & Sound>Sound palette except.  The functions are not part of the base version of LabVIEW so if the palette is not there, you probably have a good reason to upgrad.
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