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Wiring of NI 9472 using Cdaq Ni 9185

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I am using NI 9472 ( mounted on the NI 9185 chasis) to supply 15V to a SSR. I have connected the positive terminal of SSR to DO and negative terminal to COM. But, In the wiring diagram, wiring to Vsup from external source is mentioned. Since I am using chasis to power the modeule, Do I need to coonect Vsup? and if yes then where? Based on my wiring, mentioned above, I tried to measure the voltage across DO and COM, but it is showing very low value. What should I do?

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There are no C-series power supply modules, which means, none of the modules can power external sensors (there are few exceptions, but general thumb rule, none).


This is evident from the simplified block diagram on NI 9472 too where it shows the requirement of external power supply.



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External power supply will be given if I am not installing it on chassis. I have installed it on NI9185 chassis. Based on the manual, device that you want to power can be connected across DO and COM see in the attached figure. Sorry sir, if I am wrong. I am very poor in electrical stuffs.

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I have figured out the problem. We have to supply the module externally to get the voltage across the DO and COM. It is still mounted on the NI 9185 Chassis. +ve and -ve of the device is connected to DO and  COM respectively.  A 24V DC supply is connected to Vsup and COM (+ve to Vsup and -ve to COM). Now it is working.

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