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NI USB-6001 Digital Input - Will Leakage current contribute Significantly



The USB-6001 Specifications manual states that the maximum input leakage current of digital input are 0.8mA(@3.3V) and 4.5mA(@5V). 
Are these values typically observed? What are the typical values?

I would like to connect a voltage divider with 1000:3800 ohms (R1, R2) powered by 24V such that 24V*R1/(R1+R2) = 5V input is fed into the digital inputs. The current flowing through such a voltage divider will ideally be 24/4800 = 5mA if input leakage current = 0.


Since the maximum input leakage current are mentioned to be as 4.5mA@5V I am worried whether this would cause any issues.


I would also like to know about the input-impedance of digital input of USB-6001


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