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What does 5V/TTL/CMOS mean exactly

What does 5V/TTL/CMOS mean exactly

Maybe a dumb question.  Does 5V/TTL/CMOS mean that it's CMOS circuitry that works with TTL or what?  I need to couple the output of the digital line to a power MOS transistor and I have read that with CMOS you may need to add a resistor between the gate and the CMOS output to avoid some problems during fast switching of the MOS transistor. So I was just wondering if the digitial out on the multifunction card (PCI-6221 for me) is using a BJT or a FET transisitor.


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Re: What does 5V/TTL/CMOS mean exactly

Hi Evren,


CMOS mean complementary metal-oxide semiconductor. In digital signlas, the complementary means that is a pair of transistors. I am not very familiar with power MOS, I would think that they can take more current (same TTL voltage = more power). Where did you read this? I do not think there will be any problem if connected together if current and impedance specs are met.

Hope this information helps.

Gerardo O.
RF Systems Engineering
National Instruments
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