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Hello All, we are currently using a USB-6255 for voltage recording to a csv file with our LabVIEW license on a development laptop. Our goal is to build a pc with the PCIe DAQ and use that as our final build. I am currently using the DAQ assist to generate the voltage calls for the program and would like to create a .exe file to use on the built PC. Is there anyway I can setup the voltage calls to the PCIe DAQ without it being connected the computer with the LabVIEW license, or am I going to have to install LabVIEW on the built pc with the PCIe cards to assign the values?

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You can create a "Simulated Device" in MAX from which you can develop you code.  With that said, I very highly recommend getting away from the DAQ Assistant.  You will be much better off being able to use the DAQmx API to create the required task.  I even go so far as to use a configuration file (ini or JSON) that I use to create the task, giving me the flexibility required if a new device is used or we need to use a different channel for whatever reason.

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Thank you very much, getting away from using the DAQ assist and saving configurations helped out.

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