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USB 6009

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Hi everyone..


I'm a student and I started using labview. Please, could someone help me with a problem?


I'm running tests waveforms charge and discharge of a capacitor, and I want to stay on, collecting data for one week, no interruption.


The block diagram doesn´t measures two inputs at the same time. What am I doing wrong in the block diagram?

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Accepted by topic author Saille
You don't have an error out indicator do you don't see the resource reserved error. You must use s single task with multiple channels. Use Dev1\ai0:1 to acquire from both channels. This is a very common mistake.
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Thank very much, Dennis.


But, I have one more question, please.


I'm measuring two capacitors, I would like to put each signal in a this possible?


And sorry because my english is not very good.



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It's simple. You're getting a 1D waveform array. Index the array.
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Perfect!! The circuit worked..


Thank very muck!!! Dannis



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