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USB 6009 not responding in Lab VIEW, Analog Input

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So I am trying to create a task using the Analog Input found in the USB-6009, however, says that there are "no supported devices"

I am really confused because I can see the USB-6009 in my NI MAX, and I can create tasks for digital input. 


I read that I need to "Make sure that the task type is supported by the module. For instance, a digital module cannot support an analog task." at

but I can't find any further documentation on what specific steps to take.

I am also unsure whether this is even my problem.


I am new to LabVIEW, so any advice you could give I would really appreciate it.

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Can you share the code you used to reproduce the error? 

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I have attached an image of what I am talking about. 

So the issue occurs when I try to use the DAQ-Assist function in the block window.


Thank you for your time.

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Accepted by KhelfH

Strain measurement requires excitation voltage. USB-6009 does not support it.

It is recommended to use the specialized strain input module.

Measuring Strain with Strain Gages

C Series Strain/Bridge Input Module

PXI Strain/Bridge Input Module

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