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Multifunction DAQ

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Start Trigger Synchronization with USB-6002

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Hi all,


I'm trying to implement the Start Trigger Synchronization (Fig. 2) from this article: using two analog input channels of USB-6002 and I am getting an error 50103. From what I read, it could be that USB-6002 isn't capable of handling concurrent tasks but when I look at the specs of USB-6002 I cannot find this information. This is my VI:


I made sure to split the total 50kS/s into two (as the 50kS/s is specified as aggregated in the specs of USB-6002). Can anyone help me figure out my mistake here? Thank you very much for your help and take care,



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Put both channels into a single task by specifying "Dev1/ai0:1".  This is a typical restriction across any DAQmx devices I can think of - only 1 AI "timing engine" available per device, so when you need to sample multiple channels, put them all in 1 task.



-Kevin P

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To supplement what Kevin has shared, see

Number of Parallel DAQmx Tasks on NI Multifunction Devices

Easily Synchronize and Trigger NI-DAQmx with Channel Expansion

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Thank you both, very helpful once again. For those interested, this is my corrected VI:




Take care,



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