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Reading Maximum Sample Rate for GUI Display

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My LabVIEW code, which our customers use, has been used with the PCI-5114, and other DAQ cards like it in that same series. Because NI-SCOPE is highly abstracted my code does not need customization for each of these DAQ cards. It is desired that the user GUI display the maximum sample rate for whatever board happens to be installed. For this I would like to read it from the installed card.


My experience with NI-SCOPE is that when triggered it will include in its output data the closest sample rate it can actually do, and got set to do, to what it was commanded to do. So I know I can proabley give it something ridiculous, like maybe 1 THz,  trigger it to collect data, and read from its output the closest sample rate it can do to it, which would be its maximum sample rate. However, I am hoping for a more elegant solution.


Is there a VI that will read back the maximum sample rate, without having to set up data collection for the purpose?

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You can try this property,



Soliton Technologies

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Thank you for this.


Now I also need to determine by means of property node, or other method, whether the PCI DAQ Device has the offset ability that allows getting the best possible resolution of an AC signal that is superposed on a DC offset. How is that done?

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