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Python/C++ Compatibility With cRIO Controllers

I have inherited some NI hardware and I am trying to determine capabilities and limitations of what I have. This is all new to me so excuse any bad assumptions I may have.


I am setting up a test environment and I prefer to interface with the hardware through code(Python/C++) and libraries without the use of LabView. Based on my research, it sounds like the major limitation for the hardware I have is that LabView would be required to use the FPGA capabilities. If I am not using the FPGA, then I should be able to the cRio modules via daqMX libraries. Am I interpreting this correctly or is there something I am missing. It looks like the only module I can't use without LabView is the CAN interface. I have other options for my CAN needs so that is not a big deal.


I am also assuming that I interface with the 9022/9114 and the 9144 is just connected as a slave?


Chassis and Controller

cRio-9022 Controller

cRio-9114 Chassis

cRio-9144 Chassis


cRio Modules that look to be supported via daqMX

NI 9474 Digital Out

NI 9423 Digital In

NI 9477 Digital Out

NI 9426 Digital In

NI 9264 Analog Out

NI 9221 Analog In


cRio module that looks to require LabView

NI 9853 CAN




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The only cRIO chassis family that supports DAQmx technology to control the onboard modules are the 904x and the 905x: NI-DAQmx on the CompactRIO - NI

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Thanks, does the 904x/905x series have a chassis included? It doesn't list chassis under accessories and shows a chassis in the photos.

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In my understanding, 904x/905x are chassis + integrated controllers, you get them as a single unit.


For instance, 9045 is an 8-slot chassis with a controller



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