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Plotting XY graph

Hi to all,

     I have created a vi using DAQ 6211 card to plot values in XY graph and waveform chart. However i need to add a DAQmx timing palette to have a sampling rate actually i need to display 1 to 100 samples per second but i can't display at same interval for all the numbers i need some doubts to be cleared here and also i need to add a time function in seconds in xy graph in addition to the channel 1 and channel 2, i've attached my vi to this, you can tell whatever i done wrong here.


Thanks in advance,



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Sorry, currently stuck with LV2012.


you need two FIFO buffer (or ring buffer)

size of the buffer SR*(time to display in XY)


you read a block of data every 100ms to 1s , feed it into the buffers , read the buffers and display it in a XY graph.


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