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How to read multiple analog channels simultaneously

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I am trying to read two thermocouple channels on the NI-9211 board with a single task. It works great when there is only a single channel ("Dev1/ai0").


But when I try to add a second channel ("Dev1/ai0:1", or "Dev1/ai0:Dev1/ai1", or "Dev1/ai0,Dev1/ai1"), neither of them read anything at all.


Here is my code - I am using ANSI C API with continuous sampling and a callback:

double temp;

int32 CVICALLBACK DataReadyCallback(TaskHandle taskHandle, int32 everyNsamplesEventType,
uInt32 nSamples, void *callbackData);

void CreateTask()
TaskHandle taskHandle;
DAQmxCreateTask("", &taskHandle); DAQmxCreateAIThrmcplChan(taskHandle, "Dev1/ai0:1", "", 75, 1500, DAQmx_Val_Kelvins, DAQmx_Val_K_Type_TC, DAQmx_Val_BuiltIn, 0, NULL); DAQmxCfgSampClkTiming(taskHandle, NULL, 6.0f, DAQmx_Val_Rising, DAQmx_Val_ContSamps, 1); DAQmxRegisterEveryNSamplesEvent(taskHandle, DAQmx_Val_Acquired_Into_Buffer, 1, 0, DataReadyCallback, NULL); DAQmxStartTask(taskHandle);

int32 CVICALLBACK DataReadyCallback(TaskHandle taskHandle, int32 everyNsamplesEventType,
uInt32 nSamples, void *callbackData)
double buffer[4];
int32 numRead;

DAQmxReadAnalogF64(taskHandle, -1, 0.5, DAQmx_Val_GroupByChannel, buffer, 4, &numRead, NULL);

temp = buffer[0];

Any advice appreciated!


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Accepted by topic author Peter_09876

Hey Peter_09876!


Did you built this code from scratch?


It looks it is fine, but, you can try with an example we have available in just need to go to All Programs->National Instruments->NI-DAQmx->Examples-> ANSI C-> Analog In


Try with those and let me know how it goes.


-Andrea G

National Instruments

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Thank you Andrea - indeed, the example code works fine.


The problem with my code was that the sampling rate was too high, which I was able to find by plugging my parameters into the example and seeing what errors were reported. The maximum sampling rate on NI-9211 is dependent on the number of TC channels:


max_rate = 14.28 / (N +1)


where N is the number of TC channels being measured. So by setting it at 6.0 scans/s, I exceeded the 4.76 max rate for two channels.

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Excellent Peter_09876 I am glad you manage to figure it out then!


-Andrea G

National Instruments

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