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PCI-6255 in LINUX

PCI-6255 in LINUX

Hello every one
I have PCI -6255 DAQ Card. The CD's came with it have drivers for Windows not for LINUX. Can i find out drivers for PCI-6255 for LINUX operating systems?
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Re: PCI-6255 in LINUX

Hi Asim,

The drivers for NI products are freely downloadable from From that page, you can narrow the selection based on operating system, hardware, and other characteristics. For your case, I believe the driver that would best support your card is DAQmx Base 3.1 [1]. As with all Linux drivers, please read the readme file carefully to correctly install the driver. Also, please be aware that NI officially supports only three Linux distributions [2].

[1] NI-DAQmx Base 3.1 - Mandriva, RedHat, SUSE

[2] What Linux Distributions Do National Instruments Drivers and Software Support?

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Re: PCI-6255 in LINUX

Hi All-
Unfortunately NI-DAQmx Base does NOT support the NI 6255 devices.  There is no NI-released driver for Linux currently (as of May 2008) that provides NI 6255 support.  Your best option would be to either switch to a Windows machine and use NI-DAQmx, or use the Measurement Hardware Driver Development Kit (MHDDK) and employ the 6255 workarounds I list here.

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Tom W
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