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Ni 9401 with Daqmx


I'am I new user of the DAqmx, I use a Ni 9401 ( 8 DIO, 5 V/TTL, Bidirectional, 100 ns) to have angular speed of a small motor with a NiCdaq 9174.

I use an Encoder as shown in the picture below:




I must use the Ni 9401 to get the angular speed ( rpm) and frequency.


  I start doing a Labview VI but dosen't work. I found in the NI example finder for Daqmx some exemple but really I don't know which one I must choose ( the more adapted to my needs) and hox I can use it.




  If somone used with NI 9401 and encoder can help.


Thanks a lot

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Ok sorry I'm not used with the community website.

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