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Library with DSP functions

Hi all,

Now we use PowerGraph software for signal processing and analysys. Screenshot in attachment.

The list of nessesary functions:

1) HighPass(X;F) - FIR Filter

2) HilbertMag(X) - calculates the amplitude envelope of the signal

3) Smooth(X;N) - function of signal smoothing (averaging)

Is there any library with this functions?

We are going to write C/C++ programs.

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Hi forcety,

You say you are going to write C/C++ programs, so I am not sure what libraries you are looking for. LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI or something else?

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I am looking for DLL libraries or sources, which can be used in our c/c++ project.

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Hi stockson,


I would like to average my FFT  spectrum with the dsp averaging but i did not get a good averaging

could please help me in that context,

Thank you

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