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USB6008 connection Raspberry Pi

Hello everybody,


i am new here and also i am new with an raspberry pi. for a project i get an old system running with the usb6008 as the connection between thinkpad and the temperature measurement. My task should be: to replace the thinkpad notebook for an raspberry pi 3.

I tried many ways to install and connect the usb6008 at the raspberry, especially i used this site:


but it doesn´t work. there is no connection. could you give me help please. first if it´s possible to run the system with raspberry pi and usb6008!? and how!?


the system actually works with the ni daqmx 18.6, is this maybe the first problem?

and will i have to install a ni daqmx at the raspberry? because i needed it also when i tried the old project at my thinkpad.


would be great if you could help me.


best regards...



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