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Is there programmatic access to DAQmx Channel Calibration Wizard in LabVIEW?

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I am trying to perform my own external calibration of my NI PXIe-4300 against an HP 3458A while using an amplifier to source several different voltage points to the 4300. I am using the Channel Calibration Wizard in the DAQ Assistant of my virtual channel to manually set and record each point. This utility works very well for me since I don't want to accidentally wipe out the external calibration constants and the adjustments are seamless afterward (no having to apply the calibration constants each time I perform a measurement; it just does everything for me in the background). The only issue is that manually setting up each condition to calibrate is extremely slow and tedious; I would like to speed up the process by creating a VI that would open/close relays and set voltages that I want to calibrate.


I was looking around in the DAQmx Calibration palette, but I was unable to find any VIs that had the same effect as the Channel Calibration Wizard without modifying the external calibration constants. Does anyone have any suggestions to accomplish this? Worst case: I will create a linear scale and apply it to my channel, but I will need to figure out how to merge it with the already existing scale...



Jack Grantham

Validation Engineer

Texas Instruments

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Hi Jack,


I would recommend programmatically creating a custom scale to correlate your known reference levels to your desired readings. You can then apply that custom scale to any tasks to which you wish the calibration to apply. This KnowledgeBase article discusses how to create a custom scale programmatically via our DAQmx API:


Will that work for you?

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Ok. I will try that since I haven't been able to find anything better.

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