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Programmatically determine if device supports setting a certain property?

I'm trying to write some software that can be used across multiple DAQ cards. Certain DAQ cards (e.g., the 4461) support setting the AO gain via DAQmxSetAOGain. However, most cards don't support that. Is there a way to programmatically query the card to see if setting the property is supported before attempting to set the gain?

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There is not a way to query a device to determine what properties are available for specific devices to my knowledge.  This is usually what the user manual is for, but it would definitely be possible to create a sub VI with all of NI's products catagorized by property node features.

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That's too bad. I can always write a script to parse the online help files and generate a lookup table if I really need this. For now, I'll just try setting the property and looking for an error.

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