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Installing NiDaq on Windows 7

I am trying to install Traditional Ni-Daq on a windows 7 computer using the beta 7.5 found at the link below but i keep getting a message that says the downloaded file is not a valid windows 32 application.


I am using a 32bit W7 computer

This is a temporary solution that will soon but updated to DaqMX.

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I tried downloading it (it doesn't install on my 7 64-bit machine, of course), but it downloaded fine and extracted just fine. Does it allow you to extract the files? Maybe try another browser or clicking the file yourself...


Have you attempted to download again? Maybe the file corrupted in flight depending on your internet connection...

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It does not allow me to extract the files, the first thing it says is that it is not valid.


Are you downloading the .exe file or is it a .zip?


The one it gave me was a .exe

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Alright, i tried installing this on my W7 64bit machine and it unzipped successfully.  I didn't continue with the operation since i knew it wouldn't install. 


Anyone know why this would have problems on a 32bit machine.  The computer is fresh and the only program installed was LabVIEW.

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I was able to extract and install this file on my 32-bit machine. If you were unable to even extract the files on your 32-bit machine, one thing to try is extracting them on your 64-bit machine and then copying the installation files onto your 32-bit machine.

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Worked like a charm, thanks.

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I am installing the NIDAQ 9.8.0 on my 32 bit machine. But it says, The NI ethernet device enumerator installation has failed.


I cannot continue with the installation.

pls help. Thanks in advance.

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NIDAQ does not work on W7 unless you are using the 7.5 beta versions.   As explained earlier in the thread, you have to unzip the files using a 64 bit machine then transfer the folder to your 32 bit machine.


Are you using W7, W8 or XP?

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There is no such thing as NIDAQ 9.8.0. Do you really mean DAQmx? If so, you hijacked a completely unrelated thread and should start a new one.
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Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes it is Ni DAQmx on windows 7.

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