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How can I generate multiple waveforms efficiently?

I am using PXI-6561 to generate and acquire waveforum in my application. Channel 0 is used to generate fixed rate clock, channel 1 is to generate control command, channel 2 to 7 are to acquire data. I have 10 different groups of commands, I save them as mywfm0 to mywfm9 by waveform editor, each waveform file contains clock and command signals.

Here is my questions: how can I control the waveform generation flexibly? For example, in front panel, if I run the application, it will generate waveform mywfm0 continuously, when I click "generate waveform mywfmX (X=1..9)" button, it will generate mywfmX ONCE, then continue to generate mywfm0 repeatly.

I considered to use script and software trigger to control different waveform generation, but I can only have up to 4 different software triggers in script, which is less than what I need.

Another solution is to use a while loop and case structure, but in each case, I have to write different waveform to board, which will introduce some software delay.

Is there anyway I can download all of waveforms into memory once, label each waveform in memory, by default it will generate mywfm0 repeatly, whenever a button pushed, it will generate the corresponding waveform once, then go back to mywfm0 again.

Thank you very much. Please let me know if my description is too confusing.


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