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DAQ Event Message with AO


I´m just a beginner in using NIDAQ. And triing out some functions for later
projects, I got problems using DAQEvents.
First I scanned Data from my PCI-MIO-16XE-10 device(DAQ_Start(..)) and with
Config_DAQ_Event_Message I made NIDAQ sent me a Message after it finished
Now I wanted to do the same when writing to the AO(WFM_Start(..))

But using the same call of Config_DAQ_Event_Message with chanstr= 'AO1' (in
stead of 'AI1') didn´t work

The same appeared with other Events usable for AI and AO.

Is there somthing special i have to do for the Analog Output?


Yves Drexlmeier
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