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low cost spectrometer use challenge

You may not have heard of the low cost spectrometer developed by a community of people called the Public Laboratory.  We have developed a $40 USD spectrometer capable of 3 nm resolution with a range of about 300-900 nm -


We have also developed a free, opensource software suite for analysis and comparison of spectra -


We are hosting an open challenge for using our device and are giving away $$$ -


I hope this is apropriate for this forum.




Adam Griffith

Public Lab Staff



Announcing #SpectralChallenge

Looking for something to do with your spectrometer? Spectral Challenge is an X-Prize-style call to makers, hackers, and Do-It-Yourselfers worldwide to tackle real-world environmental problems with low-cost, open source spectrometry. We are hosting acrowd-funded prize for community researchers who want to make DIY spectroscopy better, starting with a Stage 1 prize for improving open spectrometric methodology, and a Stage 2 prize for identifying a pollutant in your neighborhood. Entries are now open, and teams are starting to form -- check it out at




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