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COTS 'plug & play' wireless sensor modules ?

i'm currently using the NI 6062E pcmcia card to acquire analog voltage 'hardwired' sensor data but would also like to acquire 1 to 3 channels of 'wireless' accelerometer and/or thermocouple sensor data thru this same card at the same time.  Is there a complete accelerometer and/or thermocouple sensor + transmitter + receiver package i can buy that easily interfaces to the NI 6062E card i'm using ?  I don't want to spend time finding individual components to make up the system if something exists already, off the shelf, and in a modular package form at a reasonable price.  I'm sampling at about 2k sa/sec with the hardwired sensors but only need a fraction of this in terms of the wireless sensor's response and/or output (5 Hz for temperature data and maybe 500 Hz for acceleration data).  I need to stay away from the S-band frequencies for these wireless sensors and would need to acquire the wireless sensor data whose sensors & transmitter 'module/s' reside on a moving vehicle from about 500-ft away max.
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Hello johnnyc,

I know that NI does not make such a package currently, but perhaps a third-party vendor does. 

I hope you find one!



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