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untrappable error counting edges in timed loop


I have been using a VI to count edges of a pulsed signal of a particle counter. I have two 6024E cards (Dev1 & Dev2). I use the two counters on Dev1 and one counter on Dev2. The fourth counter (second on Dev2) is used for hardware timing of the Timed Loop. I write the acquired data to a Functional Global VI. Just to lay down all of the facts, in a separate autonomously running VI I acquire analog data from the two 6024E cards. This VI uses multi-device synchronization (with a RTSI cable).

I am using less than 20% of my computer resources when all is running. The problem is that the counter VI just stops as if a user has pressed the STOP button (so no error message or useful feedback). I think there is some logic in the counter VI which I am missing which would trap the error. I wait for hours during the day to wait for the error to occur, but it conveniently and often errors only at night when I am away.

I included the counter VI, the functional global, and a snapshot of the multi-device synchonization VI.

I would appreciate any suggestions you may have to help solve this problem.

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