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USS protocol library

USS protocol library

Hello everybody. Before I start writing my own library to drive one of the Siemens control units (CU240) I wanted to ask if somebody didn't do it already = created the library of basic USS protocol comands. Thanks and cheers!
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Re: USS protocol library

Dear Ceties,


As I can see unfortunately there are not so many records regarding this topic.


You may find information about USS on the following link:


Should you have any questions please feel free to ask!


Marton Litkei

NI Hungary



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Re: USS protocol library

Hi, I am just about to finish the work on the library. It's tested. I'm writing an article about it that summarizes the purposes of it, gives an overview about the USS communication protocol, our implementation of it and also mentiones problems we encountered. My question is if there is some official way how to publish the library on NI sites with the documentation/article so more ppl can reach it if needed. Thanks
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Re: USS protocol library

Thank you for helping others by sharing your libraries!


I suggest you visit: and there the Share Your Instrument Driver link. 



Marton Litkei

NI Hungary

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Re : Re: USS protocol library

Hello Ceties,


I have also done a libray for checking the USS protocol, but it doesn't work, I got always an error -1073807346.


If your program works, could you check my code, where is the problem? Thank you.



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Re: USS protocol library

So here is the created library: 


Tested with Siemens SINAMICS G120+CU240S - it might work with other devices but you will probably need to change parts of the code then. I am not responsible for any harm or demage of your device.

I will probably do some minor changes of the library in the nearest future then I will present new version.

READ THE ARTICLE INCLUDED (the pdf file) IF YOU AREN'T FAMILIAR WITH THE USS PROTOCOL!!!! Not because I would be so cocky but I belive it sumarises all the necessary information I needed to gather when I started to use Siemens devices (two months ago)


1] The baud rate has to be set properly (2010)

2] The address of the inverter has to be set properly (2011)

3] The library expects the length of the PKW to be set to 4 words (P2013) and PZD to 8 words (P2012) otherwise the communication will fail.

4] Parameters P700 and P1000 has to be set according to your communication type

5] To obtain correct reading of the content of the sent telegrams following association of the PZD words is expected (P2016):




PZD3 = not linked


PZD5 = not linked

PZD6 = not linked

PZD7 = r0031 = Act. filtered torque

PZD8 = r0032 = Act. filtered power


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Re: Re : Re: USS protocol library

Here are also some useful manuals you migh need. Especially the G120 parameter manual.


2Lily: The error code might mean that you are connecting to wrong port. I think I got it couple times when I forgot to chnage the port number and I was trying to connect to bluetooth comport...but it's just a guess. Your code not easily readable for me. Feel free to use my library if it helps.



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Re: Re : Re: USS protocol library


after having tried to communicate to our Micromaster 440 using LabVIEW a year ago, I finally resigned. Now I spent another two days trying to use your library with our inverter. And guess what? IT ALL WORKS NOW. I just did some small adjustments to the code you postet, as you mentioned. Thank you very much. Wonderfull work.

If anyone needs code or basic support for a MM440 don't hesitate to contact me.

-- Flo



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Re: Re : Re: USS protocol library

Hi Flo! I like to hear that!It was my pleasure to help!
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Re : Re: Re : Re: USS protocol library

hello Flo,


Could you send me your code, I can't have any response from our MM440.


Thank you. 



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