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programatically get voltage range being used

I am using VB.NET to write an app that acquires data and graphs it for the operator. I know that I can get the available AI voltage ranges from the card using AIVoltageRanges. Is there a way to verify what range the card is actually using or do I "assume" that it is using the smallest range available? i.e.if the range of my task is 0V to 2V and the card has ranges -0.2 to 0.2, -1 to 1, -5 to 5 and -10 to 10, do I assume that it is using the -5 to 5V range?

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Hi DanBI,


Thank you for posting in the discussion forums.


If the range of your task is 0 V to 2 V, you can assume the card will use the next smallest range. These ranges are in place to determine which amplification to use in order to maximize the resolution of your signal. When you input your expected range (in your case 0 V to 2 V), the card will use the voltage range that provides the highest resolution, which is the smallest range to include the range you specified (in your case -5 V to 5 V).



Tina K.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Great! Thanks for the quick response.

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