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.NET Modbus Library

.NET Modbus Library

Does NI currently have a Modbus .NET library (siilar to the LabVIEW library).  I need to talk to a PLC over modbus, and my control application will be in.NET. 


I'd like to not have to user labview or compile the VIs into a .NET interop assembly (don't want to require having the labVIEW runtime on the controlling PC).  


IDoes NI support modbus over any language other than LabVIEW?

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Re: .NET Modbus Library



Unfortunately, NI currently does not offer a Modbus .NET library. It sounds like you have already looked into some of the recommended alternatives from the NI side of things as well. While I havent had a chance to use any specifically, I know there are quite a few 3rd party modbus libraries which you could probably use to get the program done in C# without the LVRTE. I would recommend that you post this request on either the Measurement Studio or Additional NI Software Idea exchange pages. Our R&D department frequently adds new features from popular suggestions. Best of luck!


Kyle M.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Re: .NET Modbus Library

Automated Solutions offers a fully managed .NET library for Modbus.

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