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basler A60f-2

Hi! I am doing the final project degree in industrial electronics and automatic engineering.
I am using the camera BASLER A601f-2 and have trouble capturing the image, apparently grayscale saturates and does not capture well the objects.

fallo camara.png

Can anybody help me?



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Hi need more detail to look into actual issue.

-How you are capturing image?

From LabVIEW post code, From MAX Post screenshot of settings.

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I am using vision assistant for image processing. I've been watching with my teacher at MAX in case it was some adjustment problem but no. We think that the camera has a problem, it might be the diaphragm?

In the image above you can see the failure.



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You could either reduce the exposure time or close the aperture some on the lens.  Another option is to reduce the gain.  If none of those work, it is probably a problem with the camera.



Bruce Ammons
Ammons Engineering
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It also could be an issue with a multibyte format. FireWire was not as well standardized in this regard as the newer standards that replaced it. You may want to try switching the pixel format to an 8-bit mode or try changing the bit depth, endianness, or shifting mode and see if that helps.
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