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Machine Vision

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avi image extraction and save

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Hi, I have a video in avi form which I would like to segment by each frame and save the image as a tiff. Ive done this in a while loop but it doesn't work. anyone know why?





Labview 14.0, Labview 12.0
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Accepted by topic author Stephen1995

Hi Stephen,


For file path input, please give complete path including file name for each file.

-Currently directly you are giving application directory as path, to that append the following

-Since you need each image to be saved first get the iteration number and convert to decimal string and concatenate it with .tiff

-Use the resulting string as input to Build Path and base path from application directory.

-Pass the appended path to IMAQ Write File2 VI.


Let me know if it works.


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I spotted my mistake just after posting and I'm pretty sure I did exactly what you put andown it worked. Thanks for the reply
Labview 14.0, Labview 12.0
Mechanical Engineering Student
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