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Questions about using vision builder API other than labview

Hello i have 2 questions regarding the vision builder API that cannot find response to:


1- I understand that .net wrapper is no longer supported on the lastest version(2020), but its stated on the web and on the installer that there is some C/C++ API. I cannot find any documentation about this feature at all on the included documentation, all the included API examples are for labview so i am totally lost.


2-I have checked the vision builder examples on github of the .net wrapper but the vision builder example has references to the NationalInstruments.Vision.Common.dll, that as far as i know is part of "NI Vision Development Module" . This module needs a diferent license than vision builder, does that mean that is intended for you to have both a license of vision builder and the vision development module to acces the vision builder API? or can be this dll be used without the vision development license?
I have checked that the only use of this dll(NationalInstruments.Vision.Common.dll) is for accessing and displaying the images, so i guess i could recode that part myself if the image format is documented anywhere (haven't find anything so far).



If anyone is curious on the why: I need to use vision builder, yes is a requirement. And since we have experienced coders(that have never used labiew) and is a big project with several integrations(yes, they would be probably posible on labview but more time consuming) using labview is not an option.  


I am also checking the option on running directly vision builder in run mode and use the integrated comunications(i think it supports modbus) as an short of api, but is a less clean solution, and only a last resort.


Any help/ideas are welcome 🙂

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Hey Peter,


As I understood you want to create APIs using C/C++ to use them in LabVIEW, and you need documentation for how to do that?


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