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Imaqdx is not update value when save ni max


Hi all,

I'm using Vision Development Module 2020, I am having problem with Imaqdx, it does not load attributes when I Grab, although I successfully saved it with NI Max (as shown above, I saved the camera resolution in NI MAX and saved it as 640x480 but when Grab resolution 2592x1944). Is this a bug of the 2020 version or not?
If not please show me how to fix this problem.

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Hello Vuka,


I noticed that you are changing attributes through a .txt file.

Although this should be a way to change the attributes, I recommend you change the camera attributes by going to NI MAX and following the steps mentioned here:

Accessing Camera's Attributes in NI MAX


If you have already solved the issue another way, kindly share the solution to help future users 🙂


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