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User defined SuperBlock


User defined SuperBlock



is it possible to define a SuperBlock in Systembuild? I want to create a SuperBlock for example with one input (that can not be deleted) and with a special graphical icon.


Thanks for helping me,


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Re: User defined SuperBlock

Hello Jewgenij,

I am not sure which version of MATRIXx you are using, but the SystemBuild help for MATRIXx 8 has a Creating a SuperBlock help topic in Chapter 2.


Hope this helps,

Angela M

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Re: User defined SuperBlock

Hello Angela,


the Problem I have is not to create a SuperBlock with an input.

I want to define a new block template named like JewgenijBlock Smiley Happy . This new defined JewgenijBlock should be a normal SuperBlock which can contain other blocks and should have an input.

Then again this JewgenijBlock should have another icon, for example a circle.


The user of MATRIXx have then only to drag this JewgenijBlock from the library in his model to use it.


I hope you understand my problem now.

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