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MAX cannot browse network

I guess this is more of a suggestion than a question. I have a server application (Lookout) and 6 client nodes each running Lookout's Free Client software. I have a push button on an annunciator screen that launches MAX to allow operators to fiew historical data, however, when MAX is launched on one of the client nodes, there is no data to view since the client application has no database. This is understandable, but I cannot route MAX through the network in order to historically view data within the server. I have been recently informed by NI Tech Support that this function is not available. So....... why is it that in the second step of "Create new Historical data" does it ask you to enter a computer name and plainly states "Chose the location f
or this database. This will be the computer where the database is located."? I can browse the network and select another PC but it will not browse the files. Also, if MAX is installed on a Free Client machine, the "Create New" option is not even there. MAX could be a great tool, but is rendered nearly useless because it is only available on the Server PC. This defies the whole Lookout server/client structure. Is this going to be fixed? Soon?
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Yes you can browse for the computer name from MAX. However we can't get the directory structure, from the remote computer. However you can make it simple for yourself by placing the directory in a easy location such as c:\database.
The historical data viewer is part of the free lookout client. So not only would you not have the Create New option you would also not have the Historical Data section in MAX. You can still view the data in Lookout on the client. However it does make sense to be able to view the data in MAX on a client installation, so I will pass on the suggestion.

Carl L
National Instruments
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