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How do I get the Web client to Work on Win98

After extracting the files from lk61_web the setup stops and says - not supported.
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Opening the web page says to download the webplayer. The web player (Ver 6.1) setup file says: "This computer does not meet the minimum operating system requirements for this product. Consult the documentation for operating system requirements." What documentation?

There fore the webplayer will not install and no web client can be used.
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From Lookout 6.1 developer's manual, it doesn't support win98. This means the Lookout dev/runtime software, as well as the Lookout client, Lookout Player, don't support win98.
OS requirements: Windows 2000, Windows NT version 4 or later with service pack 6, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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