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ActiveX button display properties

I am displaying a temperature value on an ActiveX button text.  I cannot figure out how to force the decimal place to a value of 1.  (123.0°F)
Thanks for the advice

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I assume you are talking about the controls listed in the "ActiveX" tab of the Object browse (which are built by some other applications and shared with Lookout through ActiveX).  There are two sections of these controls, "Recommended" which our R&D group has tested and know to work, and "Other" which may or may not work perfectly.  Which category does your control of interest fall under?  Generally speaking, the "Other" might be less functional (simply because they aren't known to work with Lookout).   Also, when configuring the behavior of controls, sometimes it's hit or miss whether the ActiveX control can do exactly what you want.  Lookout is intended to be as open as possible by utilizing ActiveX technology, but the particular control must have the proper parameters to be configured in the first place.
Jeff M.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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The object is a CWButton from the recommended list. 

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I am guessing you're writing to the OnText / OffText properties of the ActiveX control.  How are you converting the number to string?  You very likely have to truncate the number/string before writing to the property using one of the Lookout text functions.  If you've already tried this, what issues are you running into?

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I hadn't thought of using a text function, thanks Khalid.  It is amazing how difficult I was trying to make that.

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