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Our manufacturing facility is using a NI PXI based test system running CVI 17 on Windows 10.


I want to make code changes to one of their test programs locally and verify it compiles on my Windows 10 computer.


Where can I find documentation on simulation/emulating their system from a software standpoint. 


Thanks, Ross

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Hi Ross,

  there's two levels of "simulation" usually in a system that talks to hardware.

Firstly, emulating the hardware can be done through NI-MAX although that does depend on the modules themselves - not every hardware module can be emulated : should get you going there.

The second part is what the software would normally do regarding data processing. For example, if you had an analog input that was from NI  hardware, the next step in the code would be processing it, and the emulated hardware only provides noisy sinewaves, or relatively random single point data depending on what is asked for.

There is a third part, and that is error management, however there's no mechanism to prompt the API to return as if it was in error for things like over-range, it will however report errors if you ask for something the API doesn't support on that module.

Does that give you a starting point?



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