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ni SCXI-1000 driver for windows 10 64bit

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i have issue when upgrading testing system PC  

we changed the old PC (windows vista ) with anew one windows 10 64bit ,

now I don't have the driver for SCXI-1000 compatible with windows 10 .

the SCXI-1000 have 4 modules 3NI-SCXI-1104C and one NI-SCXI-1160

if any one could support this is stopping production line .

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Support for SCXI hardware was dropped in DAQmx 19.1. First DAQmx version with support for SCXI was 9.3. So you will need to use DAQmx 19.0 or earlier. That also means to use LabViEW/LabWindows 2019 or earlier. Driver software does not install into application software that was released after the driver was released. Although it could probably made to work in LabWindows 2020 without to many trouble.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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Dear Rolfk ,

thanks for your support but i have tried LabVIEW 2020 and SCXI doesn't appear in MAX devices  ,

then Uninstalled it and installed the software as attached ,

if you could support where is the main issue .



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Accepted by topic author HossamFathi

NI driver software only support LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI for the same version as itself and 3 prior ones. 


So if you install DAQmx 18.6 you have to install LabVIEW 2018, or 2015 to 2017. DAQmx does not install any support for LabVIEW (or LabWindows CVI installations prior to 2015).


This information is normally quite clearly stated in the readme file that you can find on the download page of drivers. And you need to install the driver software AFTER the application software. The driver installer only installs support into application software it can find on the system.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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AFAIK there are no SCXI drivers  for Windows 64 bit ( any version) . All available drivers are Windows 32 bit only. 

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@mkossmann wrote:

AFAIK there are no SCXI drivers  for Windows 64 bit ( any version) . All available drivers are Windows 32 bit only. 

I can't see that restriction in the readme for the 19.0 version of DAQmx. The only restriction is that the SCXI-1600 won't work on Windows 64-bit platforms, independent of the application bitness.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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How do you connect the SCXI-chassis to the controling PC ? One option is the USB Connector on the SCXI-1600. This needs a kernel level driver on the windows side. That driver is only provided for windows 32 bit. Another option would be the USB-1359 module. That shares the same problem : Only windows 32 bit kernel level drivers.  And there was a switch controler card ( don't remember the number) . Windows support for that card was abandoned after Windows XP. 

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we used NI PCIe-6320 ,

and the driver for the SCXI-1000 is working good 

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Hi Rolf,

I have got the same problem, SCXI1001 full of SCXI board, and Labview growing with new version, driven by other hw & sw updates.

I have recompiled sw under LV2019, in a new pc with LV2019 and relative drivers (also daqmx) included.

So should be everything ok, but when I try to build application with application builder, it requires daqmx 21.3 runtime.

The build process end in an error, not finding an installer, giving me no indication on what installer he needs.

So I suppose it's the daqmx 21.3 runtime that I don't have on this pc.

When  you say to install Daqmx 19, after the application sw, do you mean on the development machine or on the run machine?

I may install DAQmx 19 and then 21.3 runtime?

I have some test pc with SCXI connected via NI4070, and other connected via NI021. 

Do they have the same behavior? 

Thank you

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