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execution error: Undefined symbol '_imaqCreateImage' referenced , during .exe

during execution or debugging of some NI-imaqdx with Labwindows 2013 examples i've this error:

error: Undefined symbol '_imaqCreateImage' referenced in "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\National Instruments\CVI\samples\IMAQdx\Grab and Basic Attributes\cvibuild.Grab and Basic Attributes\Debug\Grab and Basic Attributes.obj".


i need to control a webcam camera with labwindows using imaq and imaqdx function.

i write also a new program like example i correctly link the .lib and .h file of niimaq and niimaqdx...

the project compile but when i try to create and .exe (in releese and also debugging configuation) it occours the same error ...

what i have to do?




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Hello Raman_Girl,


this is a known issue, National Instruments is already working on it.


There are two workaround that could work with this issue:



A. Build with stdcall calling convention
B. Modify nivision.h as so:
#if !defined(IMAQ_STDCALL)
#ifndef __GNUC__
#define IMAQ_STDCALL__stdcall
#define IMAQ_STDCALL__stdcall



2) manually adding in niimaqdx.lib, nivision,lib, NIIMAQdx.h, nivision.h from the 

<root>\ Program Files \ National Instruments \ NI-IMAQdx\lib\msvc folder
and by building the code in release configuration


The CAR number is 426037, you can check if in the next version this bug has been solve.

Thank you,



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in the same way i've fix the problem 

it works 🙂

best regard

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Hi there,


For the creation of my DLL with LabWindows/CVI, I had the same problem as RamanGirl and I solved it using the 1st method that Valerio suggested. Good! But now I have another probelm... I would like to do the DLL for a 64-bit version OS. In this case I select "Release64" but I get several error messages like for example: "Cannot find 64-bit program file for library 'NI Vision'". Do you know how I can solve this issue? Is there any workaround to this problem? Is there a supported (or even unsopported) NI-vision library for 64-bit version OS?


For more info see also this other forum:


Many thanks in advance,



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Hello i have this probleme but the error is

error: Undefined symbol '_DisplayError' referenced in "c:\Users\i87278\Desktop\OCR exp\cvibuild.OCR\Debug\OCR.obj".  

and i want to apply the methods you sit but i have no idea whats the .lib and for the seconde methode how i process thks for help

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