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Library function error (return value == -46 [0xffffffd2]). The attribute passed is not valid , -> Button Backround Colour cannot be changed

I got this errormessage while executing  my application ,

Code :


I took the attibute value out of the offered list .

Any ideas why my smart button may not become red?

Thank you


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This is probably because the panel containing your button is set to be conform to the system colors. You can solve this by disabling this attribute:
SetPanelAttribute (pnlHandle, ATTR_CONFORM_TO_SYSTEM, 0);
If you are using CVI8.1, it might also be that the panel (and thus also the button) are automatically adjusted to the Windows System Theme. So you should also solve this:
SetCtrlAttribute (pnlHandle, PNL_BUTTON,  ATTR_DISABLE_PANEL_THEME, 1);
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Thanks a lot for the quick response.
I implemented  the first hint , but the result was the same error message as before.

When trying to implement  the second hint , I got an error box when inserting the function panel text , because
ATTR_DISABLE_PANEL_THEME   is not known in CVI 8.0.1.

For the moment I can only change the LabelText Coulour, what should be sufficient for my application .

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The attribute you listed in your code was for the label; perhaps you meant to use the one for the command button itself?


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Hello JR ,

your solution was great. I checked the  code  and found exactly that mistake.

Thanks a lot and greetings to wherever you are.

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Hi, there is my question: Library function error (return value == -46 [0xffffffd2]). The attribute passed is not valid

 and the code :   SetCtrlAttribute(ciCVIPanel, ciCVIControl, ATTR_TEXT_POINT_SIZE, 10);



would you please help me check it? i have no idea about this issue.

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The error says all: you are addressing an attribute which cannot be operated on the control type you are using. It all depends on which control is pointed to by ciCVIControl variable.

A good option to know the attributes that can be use on a single control is to right-click on the control and select Control help: in the window that shows, select Control Attributes link and you will see a list of all valid attributes for that control type.

Alternatively, right-click on SetCtrlAttribute instruction and execute Recall function panel function (or press Ctrl+P) and click on Control attribute field: Select Attribute Constant dialogue will show where you can select the control type you want to operate on in the list on the left: in the right pane valid attributes only will be shown.



As a last note, it would be better in the future to open a new discussion instead of reviving a very old thread with a question that is only marginally related to it.

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