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Change language dynamically in cvi

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I'd like to know if it is possible to dynamically change the uir language from English to Russian ?


I have a program written in cvi and I must be able to scwitch the user interface   from English to Russian when the user clicks on a button ...


Thanks in advance

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Accepted by topic author Yazid

Yes: You need to create a language resource file and then can use the functions LoadLocalizedPanel / LocalizePanel and LoadLocalizedMenuBar / LocalizeMenuBar


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Thank You


I'm going to try in a short program.

Do you know if some examples exist for these functions? 



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You can always try the NI Example Finder that comes with CVI: running it on localize returns intgraph.cws: This example demonstrates how to use the User Interface Localization Tool (localui.fp). This example translates the user interface into German, English or Czech using language resource files from the User Interface Localizer utility.


Good luck.

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Yes, this example is useful, but I don't know if it is possible to translate from english to russian on the fly; because with this example the uir with associated language fileis loaded once at the beginning of the program. 

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Well, of course the translation needs to be done before running the program Smiley Wink


In the answer above I mentioned the functions LocalizePanel and LocalizeMenuBar - these do exactly what you want... they load a (possibly different) language file for a panel / menu loaded earlier.

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